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10 Reasons Cocktails Are Better Than Your Other Half.

We all love our significant others. Whether you're long-time commited or in the first throws of romance there's nothing quite like feeling loved. There is, however, something better: cocktails.

1) You can express yourself around cocktails

Cocktails won't judge you when you get all kinds of crazy.

2) Cocktails always comfort you after a hard day

There's nothing quite like the warm hug you get from a dry martini.

3) You can share your cocktail with your friends

You might be able to do that with your other half too, who knows!

4) Cocktails are low-maintenance

Unless you're the bartender that is...

5) You can have more than one favourite

You can love as many cocktails as you want

6) A good cocktail isn't that hard to find

In fact we have over 200 on our menu.

7) The best spirits get better with age

Exhibit A)

8) You don't have to pretend your current cocktail is the best cocktail you've ever had

and if it is then there's no shame in telling everyone!

9) A cocktail boosts your confidence

10) You can get two for one

and you don't have to look like Mattia to do it!