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Bristol's First Year!


As our Bristol cocktail bar are celebrating their first Birthday last week we thought we'd give you a quick round up of the highlights from the last 12 months!

1. We opened on 26th February


2. Over the last year Bristol have sold a staggering 90,485 cocktails! That's drinking every drink on the menu 600 times!

3. Of the 90,485 cocktails sold, 7464 of those were Pornstar Martinis!


4. On their team night out people got lost and one bartender broke his foot! (Not naming any names...)

Bristol Team

5. They broke their shift record 5 weeks before Christmas!

record breaking shift

6. Bristol won the Training Award at this year's All Store Party so they're definitely the place to go for the best trained bartenders!

Bristol winning training award

7. They celebrated their first Birthday with a Be At Onesie party!

Bristol team in onesies