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The Dark Room comes to Be At One

As children we all dreamed of being part of our video games. No, really, that's exactly the kind of children we were. Unfortunately we all had to grow up in the end and our dreams of acting as Mario or Luigi were gone.

That's where John Robertson comes in, the talented comedian created an interactive experience that we could live out exactly that childhood fantasy. It's part interactive game, part rock n roll, part comedy show and it was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (and their notoriously tough crowds). 

Throughout June, John Robertson will be bringing The Dark Room to two of our bars, Wimpole Street and Smithfield, and we'd hate for our guests to miss out. Who knows, a knowledge of the building could even give you the edge in the game!

To get your hands on some of our £10 tickets (including a cheeky drink on us) click on your chosen date and bar below, oh, and good luck! (You're going to need it)

Dark Room Be At One

Wimpole Street

2nd June

9th June 

16th June

23rd June

30th June


3rd June

10th June

17th June

24th June