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Make your favourite cocktails at home!

As you may have heard this summer we're running a competition called the Great Be At One Shake Off, where we're looking for the best amateur bartender to send on a once in a lifetime trip to Cuba!

We've come up with a little guide so you can see that there is no need to go out and buy expensive cocktail equipment when every day kitchen items are just as good!

1. Shaker

If you don't have a cocktail shaker at home try using an old jar with a resealable lid like an old jam jar.


2. Barspoon

This is usually a 5ml measure so just a teaspoon will do!


3. Muddler

This can be anything that is appropriate for squashing things! Our top tip would be to use the flat end of a rolling pin if you have one, or the end of a wooden spoon.


4. Jiggers 

Everyone has some sort of measuring utensils, whether it's a branded plastic resealable product from the 80s, a small measuring cup or that lovely set of measuring spoons!


5. Strainer

If you have a Tea sieve or even a nomal sieve that will work perfectly


6. Juicer

Almost everyone has a juicer - whether it's manual or some sort of electric wizardry or you can just go old school and use your hands! Don't forget to catch the seeds if you squeeze by hand though - nobody likes a stray pip...


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