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Your Definitive Ranking of our Ice Cream Cocktails

We asked, you voted!

Recently we asked you to vote for your ultimate favourite from our range of Ice Cream Cocktails, so here they are in descending order!

8. Fire & Ice - This fiery blend of hot cinnamon liqueur and cold ice cream lost out to the Popster in Round One in an almost unanimous decision!


7. Rhys's Pieces - Who doesn't love a peanut butter flavoured treat? The Rhys's Pieces narrowly lost out to the Bolero in the heats, but it's supporters can take solace in the fact that they get more peanut butter cup garnishes to themselves!


6. Brazilian Monk - Not quite as virtuous as the name makes it sound, we think it's the layer of chocolate in the middle that gives the Brazilian Monk it's naughtiness! It lost out to the absolute beast of a cocktail that is the Irish Disco Biscuit in Round One.


5. Banana Banshee - By far the closest vote of the competition was the one fought between the Banana Banshee and the Strawberry Shortcake in the heats; the voters from Instagram just clinched it for #TeamStrawberry though!

Banana Banshee

4. Bolero - The Bolero beat out the Rhys's Pieces in round one but narrowly lost out to the Popster in the semi-finals... If you haven't tried this one yet definitely give it a go - it's like an alcoholic blended Solero!


3. Strawberry Shortcake - A Be At One classic claims the third place, so many of you love this dessert in a glass!

strawberry shortcake blog

2. Popster - A new addition to the menu in October 2014, the Popster comes in at a respectable second place! It dominated the voting right up until the final where it lost out to a Be At One legend...

popster cocktail with butterscotch and popcorn

1. Irish Disco Biscuit - An old favourite and definitely a Be At One Classic, the Irish Disco Biscuit proved too mighty for even the Popster to overthrow!

Irish Disco Biscuit

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