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If you are fans of ours on Social media or weekly regulars to our bars, you might have heard that we have a new menu out! So here is the low down on the new additions to our hallowed pages…

We have tried all of these (for the purposes of quality control testing you understand) and they're all genuinely delicious!

1. Absolut Gangster – Al Capone once said “If I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you”! Along those sentiments (but not nearly as rude) you WILL love this! A surprisingly mellow taste due to the exquisite base of Absolut’s premium Elyx Vodka – don’t let the taste fool you it’s essentially pure alcohol!


2. Altos Viejo – Our Hispanic take on an Old Fashioned, the Altos Viejo has three of our favourite things – tequila, chocolate and agave syrup! This is definitely one for all lovers of Mexico and tequila!


3. Aviation – There are many songs by Frank Sinatra that give you an indication as to the obsession of his era… “Come fly with me” “Fly me to the moon” to name but two! Created in honour of the first aeroplane and gaining popularity around the time of the first passenger planes, the Aviation is a classic enjoying a resurgence on our menu!


4. Bon Vivant – Literally "one who lives well" this is one for all the hedonists who just enjoy having a good time in our bars!


5. Chica Caliente – "Living la vida loca" with this intriguing sweet and spicy cocktail, the classic combination of passionfruit and vanilla given a swift kick with a few dashes of tobasco! 


6. Ellis Island – Don Draper would have definitely been sinking these in “meetings” if Be At One was around in his day! Dedicated to the famous port in New York that once brought immigrants into America, the Ellis Island is the embodiment of US culture!


7. Fire and Ice – *Obligatory Game of Thrones pun* “Now you’ve woken the dragon…” the Fireball dragon! A new addition to our menu and our back bar, the Fire and Ice is made with Fireball cinnamon liqueur which comes with its own tagline: “Tastes like Heaven, Burns like Hell”! So we’ve mixed it with ice cream for your drinking pleasure, creating a paradoxical warming and cooling sensation!


8. The Grosvenor – Classy, sophisticated and not for the faint-hearted! 


9. Jackpot – Even the name is a winner! The Jackpot gets its name from the three types of cherry that go into it - just like the winning cherries on a slot machine!


10. Ramos Gin Fizz – A vintage classic with one of the better backstories we’ve heard for a cocktail! Invented by Henry C Ramos in New Orleans and originally with an extraordinarily long shaking time of 12 minutes, Ramos employed bartenders or “shaker boys” solely for the purpose of shaking this one drink and they still couldn’t keep up with the demand!


11. Rhys’s Pieces – Yes. We made a cocktail with Reeses’ Peanut butter cups! Named after one of our founders, it’s everything you dreamed it could be and more! A Be At One signature serve for the ages…


12. Sherbet – Your choice of any one of our Absolut Vodka flavours mixed with Citric acid. Not nearly as scary as it sounds, citric acid is just what Haribo use to make Tangfastics sour or fizzy tasting! Be At One favourites include Cherry, Vanilla and Pear!


13. Svenska Detox – Kale and spinach. Trust us, our version of these superfoods will have you looking forward to finishing your greens!


14. Tijuana Tango – It takes two to tango… especially during happy hour! Or not…one is absolutely not enough and you’ll keep coming back for more – particularly once you’ve got your dancing shoes on!