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Do us all a favour - Try something new!

As we move into 2015, many of us will be trying to shake off the indulgences of the festive season. Gyms will be welcoming new members (determined to actually sometimes use their gym contract this year), weight loss clubs will be booming, and the diet industry will be banking more than they do at any other time of the year. However, there is one industry which suffers during January – the pub industry. With so many people resolving to clean up their act and treat their livers to a month off, bars and pubs get quite lonely. It’s a sad state of affairs – which is why, rather than doing a Dryanuary, you should perhaps set out to do a Tryanuary instead.

Try January

The concept behind Try January is simple – rather than completely abstaining from alcohol during January, instead step out of your comfort zone and expand your palate. Try a new cocktail, perhaps one you’d never usually consider. You may well find that you surprise yourself! Indeed, there is considerable evidence to suggest that trying new things and making new discoveries about your own, personal taste is really quite good for you. Even if you don’t like what you try – well, at least you made the effort, and now you know something new about yourself! You can log your Try January experiences on our Be Appventurous smartphone app, which will be available for an hour after happy hour every day.

A Little Of Everything

While a lot of people will be feeling very virtuous about abstaining from alcohol this month, it turns out that total abstinence isn’t actually all that good for you. For one thing, it lowers your alcohol tolerance, meaning that you’ll get completely smashed when you hit the pubs again in February. For another, moderate alcohol intake actually seems to be better for your health than no alcohol at all. Of course, this goes against all the received wisdom we’ve been taught – and it is certainly true that drinking too much can have very serious consequences - but if you keep your drink intake moderate, than you may actually keep yourself healthy and prolong your life. Studies of moderate drinkers compared to abstainers consistently prove that the drinkers have healthier hearts, sharper brains, and longer lifespans than their teetotal compatriots. Nobody is entirely sure why this is – theories range from alcohol putting the body’s systems through a regular, moderate workout which toughens it up, to drinkers just generally having a healthier social life and more positive attitude (which protects them from the surprisingly wide-ranging health effects of negativity). So pop into one of our bars every now and again during January, and try a new cocktail for the sake of your health!

Good For The Trade

You won’t just be doing yourself a favour, though – you’ll be doing us a favour. Although Be At One bars are always popular, we are becoming the exception rather than the rule. Due to various factors, including drinking legislation which hits pubs more than it hits supermarkets, cultural influences, and rising business rates, the great British pub is really struggling right now. Pubs are closing at an unprecedented rate – which is a major problem for everyone in the trade, not just those affected. While nobody wants to encourage a culture of irresponsible boozing, this is precisely what will happen if the current state of affairs is allowed to continue? Why? Well, a pub or a bar provides a relatively safe environment in which to drink. Licence holders have a duty to look out for the wellbeing of their patrons, and can evict a person or refuse to serve them if they feel that they have had too much. Here at Be At One, we certainly try to look after our customers! However, if British pub culture dies, people will turn more to drinking supermarket booze in unregulated environments – the phenomenon of people chugging plastic-bottled booze in bus shelters and the like increasing to unmanageable proportions. Doing a Try January, and showing your support for the Great British Pub Culture in general (and our bars in particular) may well help to turn the tide and save the pubs for future generations! So download the app, pop your drinking hat on, and try something new this January!

This is a freelance article sent in by site reader Sally Mays.

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