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Show Us Your Sherbet!

We know it can be difficult to place a taste so we've drawn up a helpful guide to settle any arguments between you and your friends about which vintage sweets our different flavoured Sherbets taste like! Here's a secret tip: next time you order a Sherbet think about combining flavours for example; Raspberri & Vanilia will result in something that tastes like a raspberry ripple ice cream! Delicious! 

Cherrys - Haribo cherries. 

Yes, it's the best sweet in the pack of Tangfastics brought to life as delicious beverage! 

absolut cherrys bottle shot on white haribo cherries

Citron - Lemon bon bons

An old favourite from the golden days of when penny sweets actually cost a penny! All the Citron Sherbet is missing is the chewy centre... 

absolut citron bottle shot on white lemon bon bons

Kurant - Blackcurrant chewits

Arguably the most underated flavour of chewits but one of the most delicious Sherbets we've had to date!

 absolut kurant bottle shot on white blackcurrant chewits

Mandrin - Sherbet Double dip

Double Dips were the ultimate in smothering sugar with sugar and then eating it! The Mandrin Sherbet tastes just like the "swizzlestick" dipped in the orange side of the Double Dip!

absolut mandrin bottle shot on white double dip

Mango - Basically Heaven!

We couldn't think of a sweet to compare this to so seeing as it is my personal favourite I'm stating this outright and it's up to you to persuade me otherwise!

absolut mango bottle shot on whiteheaven

Pears - Pear drops

We all remember Pear drops, they were always clustered amongst the rhubarb and custards and kola kubes! They were awesome then and they're even better when you can drink them! The Pear Sherbet is surprisingly refereshing too!

absolut pears bottle shot on white pear drops

Raspberri - Raspberry flavoured Millions

Who doesn't love raspberry Millions?! Luckily with our Raspberri Sherbet you won't lose half the glass down the side of the sofa!

absolut raspberri bottle shot on white raspberry millions

Vanilia - Vanilla crunch corner yoghurt 

It's weird just how creamy the Vanilia Sherbet tastes! It is absolutely delicious though!

absolut vanilia bottle shot on white vanilla crunch corner yoghurt