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7 Signs You Need A Cocktail Tonight

In life, there are certain things that you need. Sometimes that thing will be a holiday, occasionally a cuddle and often what you need is a cocktail. Here are ten of the tell-tell signs that you should be on your way to one of our bars ASAP!

1) You've been daydreaming about Mojitos.

Every time you pass something that shade of mint green you can just taste a mojito on your lips.

2) You've been hallucinating, seeing one of these signs everywhere that you go.

Even above your office computer, wishful thinking! 

3) You just read the above 'wishful thinking' as 'wishful drinking'.

It's okay! We've all been there! 

4) You're thirsty.

Remember, hydration is key!

 5) You feel the need to celebrate.

You're not utterly sure why, it could be something as minor as finishing your Tax Return form, but you can feel a party brewing!

6) You've got a treasure map to complete!

Time is ticking on our competition to win a trip to Cuba! You need to get some visits in whilst you have the chance.

7) Your internal monologue has turned into Elvis' Greatest Hits.

It probably used to be JD from Scrubs...