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This Time Next Month


Yes, we have a jam-packed four weeks ahead of us with Bristol opening this time next week and Milton Keynes opening four weeks today. The teams are in place and will be ready to rock, especially since we are running training nights on the weekends prior to opening. We are 'selling' tickets to the training nights where you will not only get a sneak preview of the bars, but you will also be treated to half-price cocktails (we're not charging for the tickets, but you have to 'buy' to register for them).

The Bristol training nights start this Friday, with both the Friday and Saturday nights being sold out! There are still a few tickets left for Sunday and Monday. To get tickets, click on the link to your preferred night here.

As for Milton Keynes, where the training nights will be between 14th-17th March, we are already sold out for our training night on Saturday the 15th, but we have tickets left for the other nights! To get tickets, click here

Words cannot describe how excited we are for these two bars, we can't wait to host you in these two brand new venues!