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Top 10 most admired fictional cocktail drinkers - as voted by you!

With London Cocktail Week coming up next week, what better way to celebrate it than to talk about who you voted as your top 10 favourite fictional drinkers?

When not out drinking ourselves, we all like to sit at home and watch other people drink, so we took a poll to find out who your favourite fictional drinkers are. We had over 700 responses, and here is what you said...


10. JD from Scrubs

Ah, JD. If you were really sick, it would be awesome to have him come and take care of you; although, you would have to wonder what his internal monologue would be saying about you the whole time. The only thing he loves more than his Appletini (easy on the tini) is his Brown Bear.

9. Del Boy

Mange toot, mange toot. We're sure that if Del Boy were to visit any of our bars, he'd be quite partial to a Mo-jeet-oh. He was always able to get a decent tipple in the Nag's Head, the quality might not be as good as Be At One, but the atmosphere would probably rock just the same!

8. Betty Boop

Total class act, Betty Boop. Starting life as a jazz-age flapper in the '30s, she is still clearly a player in the forefront of your minds on the drinking scene. She would have been drinking Martinis, Aviations and Clover Clubs which are quite strong drinks... good on her for being able to stand straight at the end of it!

7. Jay Gatsby

Self-made, sexy and successful - and he could drink! As quite a strong character, we maintain that he was probably fortified by a Martini or two which gave him the energy to go round bootlegging during prohibition.

6. Don Draper

Men want to be him, women want to be with him! Smart, attractive and very good with words. He can hold his liquor amazingly considering how many Old Fashioneds he is able to sink. He would be more than welcome to join the Be At One marketing team, although we're not sure how much work would get done.

5. Brian Flanagan

Or, Tom Cruise's character from cocktail. We're so happy that we have a bartender in this list as, any god knows, bartenders can drink! Through this film, Tom Cruise has inspired so many people to become bartenders - we have much to thank him for, the Lord High Bartender.

4. The Dude

'I'll have a Caucasian'. Jeff Lebowski.. he's just... SUCH A DUDE! Known for sinking White Russians throughout the entirety of 'The Big Lebowski', we'd be more than happy to go bowling with The Dude.

3. Jessica Rabbit

Down to our top three! She's not bad, she's just drawn that way... Sexy and incredibly sassy, Jessica Rabbit spends a lot of time in the bar. Our bartenders can handle a lot, but we think they'd probably go a bit wide-eyed and tongue-tied if they came across her.

2. James Bond

An absolute legend who will forever be associated with the Martini. We're not sure how he manages to so successfully pull the ladies so consistently after drinking so many Martinis, but we figure that it might have something to do with the fact that he has his Martinis shaken, not stirred (thus, watering them down a little bit and allowing him more control over his manliness and his banter).


1. Carrie Bradshaw

The woman who popularised the Cosmopolitan and helped unleash sexual freedom for many women, Carrie Bradshaw is your number one fictional character who loves a drink. If there's one thing that everyone in this list has, it's style, which means that Carrie Bradshaw is very well-placed to be at the top of it. Cosmo Queen, we salute you!