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Top 10 Try January Favourites - As voted by you!

Following the success of Try January we were curious to know what your new favourites are and you didn't disappoint! 


Here is the Top 10 countdown!


10. Blood and Sand

A classic from the days of the black & white movies, the orange juice was added so that it would stand out on film! Now, it's standing out in our bars as one of your favourites and kicks off our list!

blood and sand whiskey cocktail

9. Absolut Gangster

 A Be At One favourite across the board! It's great to know that you like this as much as we do!


8. Mint Berry

 A refreshing blended drink enjoyable all year round, definitely one to re-visit in the summer for a tastebud tingling cool down!

mint berry square image

7. English Fizz

Another refreshing blend of a gin, cucumber and elderflower take on a classic mojito is made better only by its edible garnish of a cucumber wheel! Therefore the calories don't count... 

 english fizz cocktail

6. Ramos Gin Fizz

A classic that once required 10 minutes of shaking time and special "shaker boys" whose job it was to just stand there and shake until their arms got tired, our top secret machine gets the job done in 10 seconds! 


5. Basil Grande

 Number 5 on our list is an unusual combination of flavours but we reckon it pairs really nicely with a certain two for Tuesday deal...

 basil grande cocktail

4. Songbird

Definitely a favourite of Disney Princesses (we assume) we can't promise it would help you clean your house though...

songbird cocktail

3. Johnny Cash

The man may have walked the line (eventually) but this drink definitely doesn't! The cheeky kick of chilli syrup has certainly made an impact on you guys and it claims the coveted third place!

 johnny cash cocktail

2. Sherbet

Coming in a close second, the Sherbet has proved so popular thanks to the variety of flavours are available! Your top 3 favourite flavours are Pear, Vanilla & Cherry! 


1. Popster

The runaway winner by far and your new favourite, the Popster looks set to surpass even the Pornstar in popularity! We think the bag of popcorn on the side makes it!

 popster cocktail with butterscotch and popcorn