It's a simply Absolut vodka, fresh limes and white sugar.

It's a classic sweet/sour mix that can easily be made long and fruity with your favourite flavour.


  • Absolut Vodka
  • White sugar
  • Lime wedges

Make your own Caipiroska

  1. Add lime and sugar to a short glass
  2. Muddle the lime and sugar so that the sugar dissolves into the lime juice. If the sugar doesn't dissolve, add another lime wedge
  3. Add the vodka and crushed ice
  4. Snap a shaker tin on top of the glass and shake until it's all mixed together (so that you can't see any sugar at the bottom of the glass). If you don't have a shaker at home, you can churn the mixture with a spoon
  5. Cap with some crushed ice and serve with two straws